How to make keyboards louder? Step by Step Guide

While the innovation of quieter and faster keyboards is appreciated and demanded around the globe, we should not disregard the fact that there still exists a segment that wants to hear the loud “tick-tack” sound that used to come from keyboards and typewriters from the past. Some may find this self-soothing, and some may want them as a form of nostalgia. 

So, whatever the reason, you might be one of those looking to make keyboards sound louder. 

This article will provide you with some tips and tricks to make your keyboard louder and talk about some of the loudest mechanical keyboards present on the market. 

How to Make Keyboards Louder?

If you want to turn your current keyboard sound loud, here are some hacks. 

Enable filter keys 

This hack is for Windows users with filter keys and an easy access setting. So, whenever you tap the keys on the keyboards, the windows will make a sound after enabling the filter keys. 

But be mindful that this option is for window users only. While this might not be exactly like the sound of the loudest keyboards, it is safer than opting for third-party software that can be a threat to privacy. 

To enable this feature, please follow the following steps: 

  • Go to settings 
  • Go to ease of access
  • Go to interaction and select the keyboard tab 
  • Turn on filter keys 

 Note: Ensure that for the key presses, the “audio feedback” is on 

Enjoy the sound of your keystrokes! 

Download a software 

You can simply download software that turns your keystrokes into audible feedback originating from your computer. You can download software on Windows, Mac, and even Linux. Some programs give you the option to choose the sound you want to play to choose the most satisfying one. Quertick is one good recommendation because the program is not big. 

 However, we warned you above that these types of software can be dangerous in terms of privacy; hence you must do your research before you download a particular program. 

Now that we have told you some hacks on making your keyboards louder, we will now jump on to the good options available in the market for the loudest mechanical keyboards and the loudest key types. 

The loudest keyboards: 

1) The Drop CTRL High-Profile Mechanical Keyboard

This is one of the loudest mechanical keyboards with an aluminum casing and a high-profile design. This keyboard design is heavier and thicker and a great choice for a loud keyboard. For a clicky switch, both the floating design of the keycap and the aluminum case allow for the ideal soundstage.  

2) Razer Ornata Keyboard

Hands down one of the most pleasant options in mechanical keyboards available in the market today, thanks to its mechanical membrane technology. The keys of this keyboard are designed such that when you press in, it clicks and again clicks when the keystroke is finished. So, it sounds like typing at double speed. And the overall idea of this keyboard was to merge the membrane keyboard and the mechanical keyboard’s tactile feedback. 

3) Cooler master keys pro 

For the cherry MX full-sized keys, this is the loudest mechanical keyboard. They feature the blue cherry MX switches that produce a loud, clicky sound when pressed. These keys also feel nice to press and type. This keyboard also has anti-ghosting, which means the keyboard will handle your keystrokes smoothly even if you type very fast. 

4) Typewriter keyboards 

These keyboard types are the ones inspired by actual typewriters. This is a versatile option across platforms for those who want a pleasing typing aesthetic. It features the cherry MX blue tech. This is a re-imagined model for the computing world, but with metal keys and whistles and bells that typewriters had. 

6) Buckling spring keyboard

The IBM model M of buckling spring keyboard is one of the loudest keyboards invented. The sound can get as loud as the keystroke of a typewriter. 

However, it is a challenge to find this model in its original form, but companies out there sell keyboards with a buckling spring mechanism. 

These keyboards have unmatched feedback, but they are loud, so you might want to reconsider this option if you buy it in a shared space as an office. 

Now that we have suggested some great but loudest keyboards let’s talk about the loudest key types. 

Loudest key types: 

1) Cherry MX Blue 

When depressed beyond its tactile point, this key produces a very distinct click sound. Moreover, it provides the greatest tactile feedback among all the Cherry MX switches.  It’s also one of the fastest keyboard switch.

2) Kailh blue 

These switches compete directly against the cherry MX ones. They are identical in design and even have the same color schemes corresponding to the same characteristics. So, Kailh switches are also compatible with the keycaps designed for Cherry MX stems. So, the Kailh blue has a clicky behavior and a loud sound. It has a rated lifespan of about 50 million keystrokes per key. 


The mechanical keyboards are the loudest keyboards present in the market, and when you go out to get one, the ones with Cherry MX blue are featured in the most standard types. These keyboard types are varied and suit various office and home standards. 

You can get the buckling spring models, but they are not recommended for use in a shared workspace. Or you can get software for the click-and-clack action instead of spending your money on a loud keyboard. Either way, do carefully assess the pros and cons of all the options and make sure that the loud keyboard you choose makes you happy.