Fastest Keyboard Switch For Gaming | 2023

Everyone is searching for a competitive advantage in gaming, but many people neglect a crucial factor: the keyboard switch which they use. When you are thinking about gaming, there are plenty of different aspects that influence whether you win or lose. The point here is, how important is the switch in gaming? And how can you choose the fastest keyboard switches for gaming?

While there are different types of keyboard switches available in the market, choosing the right switch can help you with your game performance. Even though the switch you utilize can have a minor effect. By upgrading this to a faster switch, like the Razer Optical Red, you can reduce the reaction time by milliseconds, which puts you slightly ahead of the competition.

Of course, this could be just a 0.01 % boost in pace, and it might be significant if you play at the highest level. So, absolutely yes, the switch is important for gaming. However, if you play casually, you wouldn’t be too concerned about the switch. 

In this article, we’ll go through the fastest keyboard switches so you can have the most efficient setup for gaming. We’ve thoroughly evaluated all of the keyboard switches discussed in this blog, and we’ll give you our honest assessment of each one.

Cherry MX Speed Silver

Fastest Keyboard Switch For Gaming

Cherry MX Speed Silver switch is designed specifically for gaming, is considered the fastest keyboard switch, and has a shorter travel distance. It works by moving in a straight line. The switch is incredibly smooth and reliable on each keystroke because of the linear actuation, and there is no tactile bump to mislead you.

The spring force is likewise low, allowing for rapid actuation to keep up with the competition. The actuation distance is only 1.2 mm, which is 40% less than the standard distance. The main drawback of the Cherry MX Speed Silver is that it’s a little more difficult to come by, and you’ll usually have to spend a little more on it on your keyboard.

The silver switch is triggered because of its linear switching properties and low spring resistance. The CHERRY MX Speed Silver is a good option for a gaming activity when milliseconds determine your victory.

Razer Red Optical Switches

Razer Fastest Keyboard Switch

The Razer Optical Red switch moves at an incredible speed. Each switch features its stabilizer bar to make each keystroke feel stable. And, Razer Optical Red Switch comes in Razer’s trademark. With the arrival of the Razer Huntsman Mini, the Razor switch was re-released with a Gen 2 design.

The Razer Optical Red Gen 2 softens the switches so that switches can function more smoothly, and it also has some moderate sound dampening to reduce the overall decibel output, making it efficient for night gaming. This switch can be your best pick if you’re searching for a switch solely based on how quickly it actuates. The only drawback is that it’s only accessible on Razer’s Huntsman keyboards.

Optical keyboard switches are smoother and faster than other mechanical switches for gaming since the signal is conveyed through light rather than the plates contacting once the item has been pushed beyond the actuation threshold. This enables a better reaction time.

There are numerous advantages of this switch as well, such as a longer life expectancy. Optical switches can easily withstand 100 million or more keystrokes. The main drawback of optical switches is that they have a hollow and artificial feel to users.

In this article, optical switches are suggested for those who are interested in games if they are dedicated gamers then they should try this switch. Because of the short actuation distance, it’s quite unpleasant and makes typing mistakes. If you’re interested, this switch can be found on the Razer Huntsman keyboards.

Kailh Speed Silver

Kailh Speed Silver Fastest Keyboard Switch

The Kailh Speed Silver keyboard switch is a great choice if you’re seeking a different speed switch. This switch is essentially a copy of the Cherry MX Speed Silver design, but with a more affordable price tag.

Furthermore, the actuation distance is somewhat shorter (0.1 mm), making this switch theoretically faster. So, why did it come in second place behind the Cherry MX Speed Silver? Kailh switches are not quite reliable as Cherry MX switches in terms of consistency and functionality.

Cherry switches are subjected to rigorous testing and stability screening, which explains why they can withstand 100 million keystrokes. Kailh switches usually last between 50 and 60 million keystrokes. As a result, Kailh switches have a lower ranking. However, you did not even know how economical Kailh Speed switches are, so they’re a wonderful option if you’re on a budget.

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Gateron Red/Yellow/Black

Gateron Red fast switch for gaming

Gateron keyboard switches got good reviews for gaming, even though they’re listed fourth. The Gateron Yellow, Black, and Red are all linear, resulting in extremely smooth and reliable gameplay switches. There’s nothing unusual about it due to the standard actuation distance.

Gateron switches are versatile linear switches that can be used in a variety of applications. They’re ultra-smooth, inexpensive, and ideal for typing and gaming. They aren’t designed for gaming, but if you need a switch that can both type and play games, this is your best option.

Depending on how lightly you touch the switches, you can choose between different levels of heaviness. A lighter switch is normally better for gaming, thus the red choice is likely your best pick, although it doesn’t affect too much.
The smoothness with which Gateron switches operate distinguishes them from the competition. Because the stem is significantly lesser, that means, the switch slides up and down with less friction. These features make the switch extremely pleasurable and pleasant. The Gateron Clear switches are yet another wonderful alternative if you have a light touch.

Cherry MX Red/Black

cherry mx fast switches for gaming

The Cherry MX Red or Black keyboard switches are also fantastic if you require a switch that is incredibly durable and performs well for typing and gaming. They’re linear switches with varying spring weights depending on how hard you type. They are likely to the Gateron switches.

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Cherry MX switches, as previously said, withstand a massive 100 million keystrokes, so if you want a long-lasting switch, this will be your best option. The actuation distance is standard, at 2mm, so they aren’t particularly quick. When it comes to gaming, though, they are a good compromise between performance and comfort.

Also, they are slightly softer than Gateron switches, which is why they are kept below them. The Cherry MX Black switches are very hefty, so they’ll work great for you if you have lead fingertips.

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Are linear switches best for gaming?

Did you spot a connection among all the switches that were suggested to you in this blog? All of the switches were linear.

The switch type defines how the keyboard looks and performs when examining the three primary switch types: clicky, linear, and tactile. The best gaming switches are linear switches. Because linear switches are smooth and reliable, they are a good choice for gaming. You wouldn’t want the tactile switches if you need to press a lot of keys in a short period.

Furthermore, if you’re in-game chatting with friends, the clicky sounds of a switch can be highly distracting. A linear switch is normally quite quiet and will not cause any inconvenience to others.

When you talk about gaming in terms of linear switches. This will result in the greatest difference in reaction time. As you can see, many factors tell us why linear switches are preferable for gaming. Therefore, you should avoid tactile or clicky switches for gaming.


There are a variety of switch alternatives available. The fastest keyboard switch alternatives are normally ideal for gaming, but they come with a high price tag and are less convenient to use. The Razer Red Optical switch or Cherry Speed Silver is your best fastest keyboard switch if you want a switch that is fast for gaming. The Cherry MX or Gateron linear switches are wonderful choices if you need to switch both for gaming and typing.

If you are seeking to increase your productivity and improve your typing speed, we have a guide that could help you choose a keyboard layout that compliments your profession and helps you get the job done faster.