Pros and Cons of Backlit Keyboards

The idea of backlit keyboards is loved by keyboard enthusiasts around the world. This is perhaps a very underrated feature. While there are some who won’t even buy a laptop without the backlit keyboards, there are others who don’t even know they exist.

And you are never too old for the vibrant and bright backlit keyboards, are you? And if you are wondering: what is a backlit keyboard? how does it work? and what are its pros and cons? Do I need a backlit keyboard? then you have landed at the right place. 

Hence, today we will talk about the backlit keyboards and dig into their pros and cons so make sure you read the article till the end if you are considering getting one.

So, lets address the first question: 

What is a backlit keyboard? 

Backlit keyboards are the ones that illuminate through the spaces in the keycaps. They also illuminate the letters and symbols on the keys which are semi-transparent so that the light can shine through them making them visible in environments of low light.

These keyboards mostly provide the lighting effect with the use of LED lights in the frame. There are backlit keyboards that emit different colors but white light is the most common one. While it is deemed as a great invention that has been around for quite a time, but a few people don’t enjoy it as much. 

How important is a backlit keyboard?

Backlit keyboards are becoming important for computer usage. It allows you to see what you are typing or doing even at night if you are in the dark, don’t have a lamp, or if the light coming from your PC is not bright enough. But with a backlit keyboard, you won’t have to face any such difficulty since each key is individually lit. so, overall, it enhances your typing experience. 

Moreover, it is an especially useful feature for gamers as the more advanced options of backlit keyboards offer multiple schemes of color. This allows gamers to group off buttons serving the same function under the same light. Since, even a slight difference in reaction time can make a great difference in the competitive world of gaming. They also use them as a part of their personality reflection. 

So, your next question would be: Do I need a backlit keyboard? 

It is quite apparent why gamers would invest in a backlit keyboard. But a normal person might ask if they really need a backlit keyboard. So, if you are one of those who is confused at this question then following we have listed some pros and cons of backlit keyboards to help you be a better judge. 

Pros and Cons of backlit keyboards: 

All Pros and Cons of Backlit Keyboards


1) Easier to use in dark

With backlit keyboards, you won’t have to worry about working in darker environments, for example, let’s say when you are working late into the night at the office or if your partner wants to sleep. Backlit keyboards illuminate all the keys and the light isn’t the issue anymore. This might not be of much help for people who are already proficient at using laptops, but for people who are not as skilled at typing and need to see the keys, then illuminated keys are a great relief. 

2) Aesthetic appeal

There is a lot of potential if we talk about the backlit keyboards in terms of visual appeal. And nowadays, aesthetics and looks are a key feature behind the gravitation of people towards these backlit keyboards because you wouldn’t want to spend your money and time on buying a keyboard that doesn’t look good on your desktop. So, a light up keyboard makes it look cooler than a regular keyboard, and the additional animations and settings that allow its illumination adjustments just adds on to it. 

3) Premium quality and design

Backlit keyboards are a novelty feature, and while this is not something you might have thought of, they offer not only a premium design but are also accompanied by components of highest quality. The manufacturers pair backlit keyboards with other great specs and features which gives you the most out of your keyboard.

This holds true firmly for laptops as their built quality is usually far better than the ones that don’t feature it. Hence, if you want to buy a high-end device but are not much technologically aware then a backlit keyboard is a good indicator for it. And the price of backlit keyboards is the further reflection of its owners who are high-end PC users. 


1) Consumes excessive energy

You will find yourself with limited usage time because the RGB and LED lights are an additional layer within the keyboard that needs to be powered. It can also affect your PC’s power consumption. And in case of wireless backlit keyboard, there is a possibility of losing your battery life much faster. This is also the main reason why wireless backlit keyboards are usually not preferred and in case of laptops, drains your battery quickly. 

2) Higher priced than regular keyboards

We just mentioned premium quality and high-end components as the part of the advantages but with it tags along the disadvantage of being expensive. So, if you don’t have a lot of budget allocated for getting your new keyboard then we would suggest either saving up some more or just going for a standard keyboard. 

3) Not a need

Backlit keyboards have all the good things to offer but if you look at it critically then it is not a necessity. Backlit keyboards don’t have any digital differences to a standard keyboard so if you don’t want an illuminated keyboard, you can just go without it. It is also not needed if you are proficient at typing, in that case, darker environments are not an issue. 


If you are confused between choosing keyboards, then you might want to go with the one that is backlit. Backlit keyboards are definitely going to stay and even upgrade in future.

Moreover, it is almost impossible to incorporate backlight to a normal keyboard. And you never know when you might feel the need for the backlight, hence it is better to have it than not, because you always have the option to power off the light.

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