Top 4 Best Keyboards with Volume Control

Have you ever wondered how to go about a mechanical keyboard with sound control? You might focus on several consistent aspects when buying the right keyboard for yourself. 

So, for instance, the price you would be willing to pay, the features you are looking for, and most importantly, the purpose or the intended use. 

Knowing the purpose of buying a mechanical keyboard helps you determine the features you need. And a keyboard with a volume control knob is among the greatest and most advanced options you have. 

So, in this article, we will uncover the purpose of keyboards with a volume control knob (or volume wheel), explain why you might want to have one, and suggest the best keyboards with volume control.

What is a keyboard control knob/wheel?

The name is quite self-explanatory, it is a circular wheel that controls and adjusts your keyboard’s volume when spun, and it is built into the keyboard’s structure. You can analogize it with an old radio’s volume knob. 

The keyboards without volume control knob have dedicated media keys for this purpose, while for others, it can be activated by pressing the FN key along with one of the F keys. But it is simpler to use the volume wheel, and it also works faster. 

The keyboards with knobs prove useful for those people who constantly find the need to adjust their volume levels and do not want to go to their computer settings repeatedly. 

So, it can be used by audiophiles, gamers, streamers, and those who listen to music when using their computer. 

However, the use of volume wheels is not just limited to making your music loud but also has some other interesting features when paired with creative software. 

Additional features of a volume wheel/knob: 

You can pair the knobs for photoshop, which is a raster graphics editor software. The volume wheel can be used to adjust the different shaders, modifiers, and filters the software has. 

This can prove to be especially helpful when you want to make many changes with a particular modifier. So, instead of manually searching and toggling the modifier, you can connect it to your knob and adjust it on a whim. 

For gamers, the volume wheel can be helpful if you have to cycle through many menus. You can do it much faster even in comparison to the mouse wheel, whose limitations regarding its speed will always make it come after the volume wheel. 

Now that you know about the volume wheel and its functionality let us help you choose the best keyboards with volume control. 

4 best Keyboards with Volume Control 

1) Das Keyboard 4 Professional

This keyboard is a bit higher on the pricey side, but hands down, this is the most reliable keyboard you will find, with a volume wheel of vertical style, and you will surely get what you are paying for. 

This keyboard is versatile and fits almost any purpose. However, it is an excellent option for creative work, whether engineering creativity or artsy. 

The das keyboard is tested with up to 50m keystrokes as its durability standard, and paired with the volume knob is an exciting choice. 

3) Redragon K550 

This keyboard perfectly suits gamers and is even for office use. It has excellent responsiveness and durability, and the best thing is that its click sounds are medium and precise. 

And since you must be on the lookout for a keyboard with sound control, this keyboard can sufficiently meet your requirements. Its volume wheel is precise and allows the adjustment of the volume very accurately. 

So, overall, this keyboard with a volume wheel accounts for an excellent design for the ultimate comfort of users. 

3) Logitech G915 

This is the perfect choice for the best tenkeyless keyboard with a volume wheel. This keyboard has all the good stuff you could expect, and it is comfortable, durable, and, most importantly, creditably responsive. 

The edgeless volume wheel and dedicated media controls make it a perfect combo of comfort and something happy to go with. 

Your fingertips would have greater control due to the onboard media controls. Things like the pause and play of media and its volume can be adjusted easily with the keyboard. 

Moreover, it lets you connect with multiple devices because of its lightspeed wireless connection. 

4) Logitech G610 Orion 

This is a performance-driven keyboard as it has mechanical switches that are easy to operate and highly functional. This keyboard is a great option for typists and gamers. 

This keyboard has to offer integrated knobs with great sound control and access media controls. Again, you can pause, mute, play your media and adjust your volume effortlessly right from your keyboard. 

Moreover, it comes with impressive key lighting. And even more, the brightness of each key’s backlight can be adjusted. You can also easily program the macro keys of this keyboard. 

Overall, it provides a smooth gaming and typing experience, and the volume wheel and media controls are considered accurate. 


Having a volume wheel on your keyboard can give you a great experience, and we advise you to choose the one based on your individual preference. However, the volume wheel keyboards may not be very reliable and often tend to be gimmicky. 

But even though you may not find it necessary, it can improve your experience. And for this reason, we have listed the above 4 mechanical keyboards with volume wheels that are the cream of the crop. 

And if you are unable to find a good mechanical keyboard with knobs from the ones we specified, then we would recommend checking if you can go with a volume knob on a custom-made keyboard.