Do Mechanical Keyboards Make You Type Faster?

A lot of people are curious if using a mechanical keyboard will make them type faster. And we are here to answer your question. 

But before we dive directly into this question, it is important to know what exactly a mechanical keyboard is. 

Mechanical keyboard:

This is the keyboard type that uses switches to input text. Switches are often considered more reliable than other types of keys, and they provide more tactile feedback than some other types of keyboards. 

How are mechanical keyboards different from other keyboards?

Mechanical keyboards are different from other types of keyboards because they use a key switch. A key switch is a small piece of plastic, metal, or rubber that makes and breaks the electrical connection between the keyboard’s key and the computer.

The switch moves when you press down on it and sends an electrical signal to the computer. This makes mechanical keyboards faster to type on because it takes less time for your fingers to go from one key to another.

In contrast, a membrane keyboard has keys that are made of a thin membrane instead of metal. Membrane keyboards are often quieter than traditional keyboards when typing, and they cost less. However, they may not always register a hit on the keys, which can be frustrating when you’re trying to type quickly.

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Do Mechanical Keyboards Make You Type Faster?

Mechanical keyboards are often seen as a more efficient way to type than using a standard keyboard. This is due to the fact that mechanical keyboards use switches that require less force to actuate, which in turn makes typing faster possible.

Additionally, the lack of moving parts on a mechanical keyboard means that it can last longer than a standard keyboard without needing to be serviced or replaced.

While there is no definitive answer as to whether or not using a mechanical keyboard will make you type faster, it is generally accepted that they do offer an advantage when it comes to speed and accuracy.

This is why they are a popular choice for PC users who want the ultimate control over their typing experience. They allow for the utmost customization, including the selection of keycaps, switches, and keyboard height to optimize your typing speed and accuracy.

Additionally, they can help to minimize errors by encouraging consistent use. 

But again, answering whether mechanical keyboards make you type faster, the reality is that if you are noticing a considerable change in your word count per minute then it is most probably due to practice.

However, don’t be upset, because we are going to elaborate on some more benefits that mechanical keyboards have to offer that ultimately help with a better typing experience. 

What Are the Benefits of Using a Mechanical Keyboard?


Mechanical keyboards are often seen as more professional than their membrane keyboard counterparts. This is likely due to the fact that mechanical keyboards are designed with typists in mind.

They have a consistent, responsive feel that allows for faster typing. Additionally, mechanical keyboards often come with extra features like backlighting and macro recording that make them versatile tools for any typist.


Mechanical keyboards are often seen as the best typing option for those who value durability and stability. Not only are they built to last, but their construction also helps to ensure that your hands stay in place while you type. This means fewer mistakes and a faster, more accurate typing experience overall.

N-key rollover:

Mechanical keyboards offer N-key rollover, meaning that each key on the keyboard can be registered as one unit when pressed.

This capability can be particularly useful for gamers who require fast reflexes in order to keep up with the competition. Aside from gaming, N-key rollover is also beneficial for typists who rely on multiple keys simultaneously.

For example, a typist may need to press the “a” key and the “c” key at the same time in order to compose an email or document. By having N-key rollover enabled on their keyboard, these individuals can complete these tasks with ease.

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Tips to type faster: 

Now that we are aware that a mechanical keyboard will not automatically make you type faster, don’t worry, because we have tried and tested ways that can help you. 

Improve posture: 

Improving your posture can help you type faster by reducing the amount of effort you need to put into your typing. For example, tucking in your chin and keeping your back straight can help you type more quickly and with less strain on your hands and wrists.

Change your muscle memory: 

Another way to increase your typing speed is by changing your muscle memory. When you start using a new keyboard, it can take some time for your fingers to learn how to type on it correctly.

By practicing regularly, you can train your brain and muscles so that they remember how to type faster on any keyboard. There are many software programs available that can help you with this, such as Rapid Type and Autodesk Training Tools.

Touch Typing 

Touch typing is a technique where you use your fingers to type rather than pressing keys one at a time. This way of typing is faster than traditional keyboarding because you can type more words per minute.

There are many people who swear by the benefits of touch typing, citing that it can help improve your typing speed and accuracy. If you are looking to increase your typing speed, then you should definitely try touch typing. 

 Finally Practice!

It goes without saying, practice makes one proficient. So, practice and you will find yourself typing faster. 


While there is some evidence that mechanical keyboards can make you type faster, the benefits are much more than that.

They offer a number of features and benefits, as discussed in this article, that makes them a great choice for anyone looking to improve their typing skills. 

We also hope that our tips will help you type faster on a mechanical keyboard. 

Happy fast typing!