Are Mechanical Keyboards Better For Typing?

When it comes to keyboards, there are a lot of different options to choose from. Some people prefer mechanical keyboards while others prefer membrane keyboards.

Both have their own pros and cons. But if you are looking from the perspective of better typing only, then mechanical keyboards take the lead. why? Let’s find out. 

Reasons why mechanical keyboards are better for typing

1. Consistent keystrokes

The mechanical keyboards use mechanical switches that are plastic built-in in contrast to the membrane keys or rubber dome of the typical style keyboard. Hence, it optimizes the faster input of keypresses. 

Mechanical keyboards are generally seen as better for typing because they have dedicated switches underneath every key. This means that each keystroke is registered consistently, which eliminates the chances of making any typos and allows higher precision. This is why it is a top choice among typists and gamers alike. 

Also, the keys are easy to press as compared to membrane keys because they require less actuation force for activation. Not only this, but you can also choose switches of your preference so, whether tactile, clicky, or linear, you can easily choose the one that will give you the ultimate typing experience.

2. Durable and Long lasting

As mentioned earlier, mechanical keyboards use mechanical switches which are built with a lot of resilience and longevity. They tend to last longer than membrane keyboards as they do not have any moving parts that can wear out or malfunction over time. 

In fact, Membrane keyboards are limited to around 10 million keystrokes, while mechanical keyboards can often handle up to 100 million keystrokes!

Additionally, some of these keyboards come with features like aluminum metal casing, PBT keycaps, and power cables that are detachable, hence making them even better in the long term.  

So, this is a good enough reason for you to buy a mechanical keyboard for typing.

3. N-Key rollover

One of the best features of mechanical keyboards is their N-Key rollover. This means that no matter how many keys you press at once, your computer will be able to recognize all of them and input the corresponding text or commands.

This makes them ideal for typing in long documents or projects, as you won’t have to worry about typing accuracy or missed commands especially if you are a fast typist. This is also great for gaming as it eliminates any chances of having to stop and start your game because you made a typo.

4. Customized layouts

You will find mechanical keyboards in different sizes and layouts, and this is an important factor for those who spend their entire day in front of their screens. So, to enhance your typing experience and ultimate comfort, you must find an ideal-sized keyboard according to your needs. 

Mechanical keyboards in this sense are better for typing because it has all the possible options out there from a full-sized keyboard to the one with only having the number pad. 

The top preference of typists is tenkeyless or small-sized keyboards (65% keyboard for instance), as it allows for more desk space, and less clutter, hence letting them work more efficiently. So, no matter what keyboard size suits you, mechanical keyboards have something for you to cater to. 

Do mechanical keyboards actually allow faster typing?

While you might be thinking that switching from membrane to mechanical keyboard results in faster typing, let us tell you here that this is not the case. 

Mechanical keyboards are definitely more comfortable to type on than traditional keyboards, but there is a small adjustment period that you have to go through. During this period, you might encounter more typing errors or the typing speed not up to the par as when you did with membrane keyboard. However, after some time you will eventually get used to the new typing sensation. It may take a few days or even weeks but after that you will find that your hands don’t fatigue as quickly and your accuracy and speed improve dramatically. Also, the more you practice, the better typing experience you get.

Our top pick for the best mechanical keyboard for typing

Durgod Taurus K320

This keyboard definitely stands out when it comes to the ultimate choice for a better typing experience. Why? Because it is a tenkeyless keyboard that has a high-quality build, perfect stabilizers, detachable cable, and PBT keycaps. It is easy to carry. 

For someone looking to buy their first mechanical keyboard for typing, this is the safest option and interestingly you can find it at a great price as well.

Mechanical keyboards better for typing


Now we can safely conclude that mechanical keyboards are in fact better for typing and to prove this, we observed some major benefits. 

However, it is a myth that shifting to a mechanical keyboard will result in faster typing instantly, but not to confuse that it will still improve the typing accuracy. 

The mechanical keyboards are a bit pricey but it, without doubt, justify the cost. So, we would always recommend you to try out a mechanical keyboard at least once for the experience. 

Hope we were able to help you and you enjoyed the read!

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