Keyboards With Easy To Press Keys

If you are a writer then you are going to spend countless hours punching words from your keyboard. Or, if you are a gamer, then again you must be pressing a lot of keys. Even if you are none of these, looking for a keyboard means you use it for one reason or another. Hence, pressing the keys must not result in chronic pain for you or should not feel tiring. Hence, for this reason, we are here to inform and guide you about the keyboards with easy-to-press keys.

In this article, we have not only listed keyboards with easy to press keys, but have also analyzed them on the basis of their features, availability, and price. So, we hope that through our efforts, you get the information you were looking for.

So let’s dive in!

6 Keyboards With Easy To Press Keys

1. Logitech CRAFT  Keyboard

This keyboard is for creatives who need an easy-to-use keyboard with a lot of keys. The keyboard feels like a premium product that has a comfortable design that makes it easy to type on for long periods of time. It has a good weight that does not let it move while typing. 

Additionally, the keys are easy to press with the center having soft grooves, and it has an intuitive design, making it perfect for people who need a keyboard that is quick and efficient when working on projects.

Overall, the ergonomics are decent, with pre-travel of keys low in amount and not needing a lot of force to actuate. 

2. The Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop Keyboard

The Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop is designed to help you work more productively. The desktop has a comfortable design with easy-to-press keys. This desktop keyboard also has an embedded mouse and a backlit keyboard. Moreover, the number pad on this keyboard is split off into its own different interface on the sides which might be handy for the ones who want to quickly input numbers for spreadsheets for instance. 

Moreover, this is a pretty standard keyboard. The center of the keyboard is raised with either side having a little slope. This is to help reduce the strain for the users by putting their forearms in a natural position. However, note that you would need some time to get used to this one.

3. Logitech K780 Keyboard 

The Logitech multi-device k780 keyboard has a sleek design and easy-to-press keys that make it easy to use with smartphones, tablets, and computers. This keyboard is perfect for online and mobile typing, as it has a numeric keypad and a trackball. Additionally, the keyboard has an adjustable lightning-quick response time for accurate gaming.

Interestingly, this keyboard also has a very good grip despite being lightweight. This keyboard makes the best use of its capacity to switch between devices. It also comes with a Bluetooth dongle, which is an additional benefit if your computer is not Bluetooth enabled.

4. HP Business Slim Keyboard

The HP business slim keyboard is usually found in offices because it is a functional yet inexpensive keyboard that has a number of features that makes it easy to use. The keys are soft, spaced out evenly, and easy to press, which is great for people who need to type quickly. Also, not to forget, it does not create noise. The keyboard also has a backlight, so it’s easy to work in low-light conditions.

Another great feature of the HP business slim keyboard is the fact that it comes with an attached numeric keypad. This means that you don’t have to carry around a separate number pad when you’re traveling, which is great for convenience. However, be mindful of the fact that the keys can easily get dust under them and the plastic design feels outdated. 

5. Logitech G513 Carbon

Another keyboard with easy to press keys is the Logitech G513 Carbon, which is mainly a gaming keyboard.  It has a backlight that can be turned on or off, and it also has a macro recording feature so you can easily record your gaming actions. The Logitech G513 Carbon also has 10 programmable buttons that make it easy to customize your gameplay.

Even more, this keyboard has a technicolor light-up. This means that there is a rainbow of colors coming out from individual keys that helps gamers instinctively navigate through their games. So, if you are a gamer, you can customize every key from the options of 16.8m hues, all unique. 

However, note that it is a loud keyboard but the overall look of this keyboard is premium owing to a palm rest that has a leather look and its weighty feel and metal base. 

6. Xenta Wired Multimedia Keyboard

One of the most affordable options out there! It has great value for money and gives you a solid experience. There is a bit of cushioning on the keyboard and the keys have a ‘pressy’ feel to them. The keys are slim and easy to press, and it has a compact design with a Uk layout. Moreover, it comes with a USB connection as well. But the slippery feel to the keys can be a downside to it as well if you are looking for an option that has a ‘tappy’ feel to it.

Final Words

These were some of our top picks from the keyboard with easy-to-press keys. We can assure you that all of them are going to give you a comfortable typing experience. However, to choose the right pick for your needs, you must analyze the other factors that you are more interested in. Like we analyzed some for you, so you can safely trust our options. Otherwise, you can always surf the market and do some research to find other great options out there in the market.

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Happy typing!