How To Remove A Laptop Key

Many individuals are using laptop keyboards for Playing games, working, or even shopping online. Students are now using the laptop for online classes as well. Laptop keyboards are being used to their full potential now more than ever. As a result, dirt and spatters are more likely to find their way into your laptop keyboard keys.

Dirt, dust, food particles, hair, and insects can affect your laptop. And, it causes your laptop keyboard keys to malfunction or stop working altogether. Knowing how to remove laptop keyboard keys will be the only approach to getting rid of this junk. Paying a high fee to professionals for removing laptop keyboard keys is not a good option.

In this blog, we will discuss how to remove keyboard keys safely. You’ll be relieved to learn that you don’t need to hire a professional. 

Laptop Keyboard Keys

A laptop keyboard is an important and necessary component. It’s like an electric typewriter, but with a more modern set of push buttons known as keys. These are the keyboard keys that you use to enter commands into your laptop. Aside from typing, the keys on the laptop keyboard can be used to do various tasks.

A set of special characters, numerals, and letters are printed on laptop keyboard keys. The result of pressing a laptop keyboard key corresponds to a single printed sign. You may see it on your laptop screen. Yet, some laptop keyboard keys are assigned to specific functions. And pushing many keys at the same time can cause the laptop to execute system commands.

Why should you remove laptop keys?

Remove your laptop keyboard keys from time to time to check that they are free of debris or anything else. This debris could impact the performance of your laptop keyboard keys. Also, removing your laptop keyboard keys is a good way to clean the circuit board. And clean the keyboard switches underneath. Cleaning your laptop keyboard keys guarantees that the performance stays at the optimal level. While also extending the life of the device.

Steps to remove laptop keyboard keys

  • For removing the laptop keyboard key, you will need a knife or small flathead screwdriver.
  • Take a photo of your laptop keyboard keys so you can keep track of where the keys are.
  • Shut down your laptop and make sure you’re working in a well-lit place.
  • Carefully put your fingernail to clean the keys. Also, the end of a flathead screwdriver. Or, a knife under the edge of any letter or number and slowly push it up to remove the keycap from your laptop keyboard.
  • Start removing your laptop keys from the left to the right to save time. 
  • You should remove your laptop keys with the letters and numbers because they are the easiest to pull out.
  • Yet, some of your laptop keyboard keys are not removed easily when you try to pull them out. This can be fixed by using a little wedge or your finger.
  • To lose your keyboard keys. You should collect all the keycaps in a dish or other receptacle. So, you can’t lose them.
  • Be careful when you remove the larger keys of your laptop keyboard. Such as Caps lock, shift, space-bar, backspace, Enter, and forward slash keys. Because they are connected to a small metal pin.
  • The dust and filth will be visible once all the keycaps of your laptop keyboard have been removed. You can now begin cleaning.
  • When you clean your laptop keyboard keys. Use the photo to reposition the keys in their proper position.

How to Remove Mac Keyboard Keys

  • You’ll need a wide, thin, and robust tool to remove the keys from your Mac’s keyboard.
  • Disconnect all your Mac’s keyboard connections and turn it off.
  • Clean the Mac keyboard keys with a guitar pick, credit card, plastic spudger, or plastic butter knife and push the tip out of the hole.
  • Gently extract the keyboard key from the lock. By gently running your tool back and forth, you may do this. If you hear a snap, the keyboard key has come loose.
  • Twist the keyboard key up and pull it up to face you. You’ll be able to see if the keyboard key’s hooks are still attached this way.
  • Remove the larger keys with extra caution because they contain a stabilizing bar.Tools That Can Help Remove Keyboard Keys: 

Tools That Can Help Remove Keyboard Keys

There are lots of tools that you can use to remove the laptop keyboard keys:

Removing Keys with a Keycap Puller

A keycap puller tool can be purchased at an electronics repair shop or online. Plastic and wire keycap pullers are available. Because they are more durable and less likely to scratch the laptop keyboard keys. The wire variety is preferred over the plastic variety. To remove laptop keyboard keys, either variety will suffice. If you are concerned about scratches, yet, the wire kind should be used.

Slide your keycap puller’s prongs underneath the key’s edges

If you’re using a plastic keycap puller. Then, it should click into place once it’s snapped onto the laptop keyboard key. To hook the wire loops beneath two corners of the laptop keyboard key with a wire keycap puller. And, twist the handle once the prongs are under the laptop keyboard key. To remove the laptop keyboard key, pull up on the keycap puller. The laptop keyboard key will just slide off the switch it is attached to below. 

Extract the laptop keyboard key you just removed from the keycap puller. And, repeat the process if you need to remove many keys. You can extract 3 or 4 laptop keyboard keys in a row with wire keycap pullers.

Qisan Keycap Puller

Simple and inexpensive, yet excellent in removing laptop keyboard keycaps. This keycap puller can remove up to three laptop keyboard keycaps at once. It can also work with a variety of keyboards.

With a paperclip, make a handmade keycap puller

You can mold a paper clip to function as a keycap puller instead of using a knife or flathead screwdriver.  Unbend the paper clip entirely. Then reshape it like a ‘U’ then bend the ends inwards to hook under a laptop keyboard key, like how a keycap puller works.

Combo Keycap Puller in Stainless Steel

This multi-tool is excellent for removing keycaps from laptop keyboards. The tool includes a wire puller on one end and a plier design on the other. Furthermore, it will help in disassembling the keycaps of your laptop keyboard.

 Keycap Pullers (DIY)

You can remove your laptop keyboard keycaps with a variety of tools that you can find around the house. When you look around your house. You will notice several types of equipment that can assist you to remove the laptop keyboard keys. To make a keycap puller out of paper clips. Use a flathead screwdriver, a plastic butter knife, a guitar pick, a credit card, and a pair of pliers. Here is a quick guide on how to make a DIY keycap puller.

A helpful video on how to remove a laptop key.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Removing laptop Keyboard Keys

Removing laptop keyboard keys has both benefits and drawbacks. This is beneficial since it keeps your laptop keyboard keys in good shape. When you remove the laptop keys from your keyboard, you’ll be able to view the dirt and dust beneath them, allowing you to clean your laptop keyboard keys. Yet, there will be instances when the laptop keyboard keycaps are damaged by accident.  As a result, you will need to seek professional help. And, in the worst situation, you will have to buy a new laptop keyboard or device.

Additional words on safely and properly removing keyboard keys

The internet can teach us a lot of useful information. Some useful guides for everything from the simplest to the most sophisticated tasks. When it comes to removing laptop keyboard keycaps. It is not just about having the right information. It is also about following the right technique. There are many technologies available that can assist us during the process. But we must remain patient and vigilant.

We’ll also want to do some research on the laptop keyboard keys you have. Our goal could be to clean or change your laptop keyboard keys, or a combination of the two.  Nonetheless, the correct protocol must be followed. And your safety must be our top priority.


You may need to remove a laptop keyboard key to clean it. Replace it at some point throughout the life of your laptop keyboard.  Whether you spilled something on your laptop keyboard. The keys stopped working and you need to see what’s wrong. It is critical to remove laptop keyboard keys carefully. So that the laptop keyboard will not be damaged. 

If you want to clean your laptop keyboard without the hassle of removing all its keys, then this article will help you do it in a safe and efficient manner.