How To Hide Keyboard and Mouse Cables

Are you a gamer, office worker, or even a normal user? Because everyone alike loves a clean, clutter-free desk with no cables visible for any peripheral. Cables are seen as an enemy to an ideal workspace as they can be disruptive and cluttered, making it difficult to work efficiently. Not only this but getting a clean desktop computer setup by managing cables effectively isn’t as easy as it sounds. So, you might be wondering about all the ways of getting a desk setup that is wire-free, and for that how would you hide keyboard and mouse cables? Don’t worry too much, because that is what we are here for. Here to rescue! In this article, we will first discuss the pros of hiding your keyboard and mouse cables and after that, we will provide you with easy, clutter removal ideas so you can enjoy a desk setup that is minimal, simple, and decent. So, just relax and read this article till the end.

Why should you hide your keyboard and mouse cables?

How is hiding your keyboard and mouse cables going to make a difference in your overall desk setup? If you are thinking that it’s not too much then you are wrong because below we have listed some great advantages that would propel you to manage your cables right away. So let’s have a look at them.

Neat and Clean Setup

Hiding keyboard and mouse cables through cable management is an important advantage because it keeps your setup clean. The wires and desktop remain dirt and debris free. There are no cords or wires on the desk, and it looks much cleaner and more organized to you and other visitors.

– Safety of User

If cables are not kept neatly arranged on a desk, they can be dangerous because you won’t notice if the cable’s insulation comes off with the wire being exposed. However, managing them will ensure greater user protection and safety.

Time saved from untangling

If you properly manage your cables, you don’t have to spend time untangling them all the time and you can easily use the keyboard and the mouse without spending ages cleaning the setup before you get working. 

– Extra Space

Cables mean you are going to see them all over the place, limiting your desk space. However, hiding them would mean excess space for other stuff and decorations, which will make your desk space look better and organized. 

Now that we are aware of the advantages of cable management, and we have realized its importance as well, now is the time to look at ways to effectively manage and hide your keyboard and mouse cables.

Top ideas to hide your keyboard and mouse cables

1. Cable ties

One way to manage cables is by using cable ties or zip ties and it is hands down the cheapest and most efficient way of hiding and managing your keyboard and mouse cables while making sure that the desktop remains clutter-free and neat.

Cable ties come in multiple colors and you can tie them with the related cables, table, or hide the wires by sticking the tie below the desk, as per your desk setup. 

2. Tray

A keyboard and mouse tray is a common feature in many computer desks. Since this will let your keyboard and mouse be placed under the table, it will not only improve your posture but also hide and manage your cables for you. 

You can easily find these trays online or even at local stores. While some may require drilling, most of them come with clamps that get attached to your table. We would suggest you use some silicone cable holders or adhesive cable ties under your table to avoid them from drooping.

3. Cable sleeves

Cable sleeves are another great alternative for hiding your wires and connections. However, if your goal isn’t just limited to hiding these wires, then we would suggest you get cable sleeves that are of a matching color to your table. This will make your desktop setup look coordinated and picture-perfect. 

You just have to get your hands on cable sleeves of matching color and use them to cover the wires. This will create a camouflaged effect, hiding your cables while still keeping them on your desk. This makes for an ideal desktop appearance, free of clutter and with everything neatly organized.

4. Customized table

If you are okay with going a bit heavy on your pocket then we have another solution for you. That is to get yourself a customized table to manage and hide your cables effectively. You can easily buy it online or even design it yourself if you are good at it. 

For this, you will have to engage a carpenter and explain to him your idea of how and where you would want the grommets and holes to be, and they will design your custom table for you. You can then easily manage the wires sitting outside and place them through the holes of the customized table.

5. Tape It

Another cheap yet fast way to get rid of the mess caused by keyboard and mouse cables is just to tape it. Tape the extra cables under the table in such a manner that they are not visible to you. And no, this is not as hard as it may sound to be, but it would only work with mice and keyboards that have a considerably long cable so you can tape them appropriately under the desk. 

Final Words on Hiding Keyboard and Mouse Cables

We hope that now you won’t face any difficulty cleaning that cable clutter on your table. All that is required from you is a little one-time effort and boom, all your keyboard and mouse cables are gone from the sight. Still, if none of the ideas click on you, then just consider going wireless.
Hoping that all our desktop users have a neat and cable-managed experience!